Treatment for Boils

I have been experiencing boils on my buttocks, thighs, underarms for the past year. The breakouts occur approximately a week before my menstrual period. Is there any treatment besides oral and topical antibiotics, which I have tried?

Boils can be the result of a physical condition such as diabetes, acne, or severe dermatitis. They can also result from low immunity, irritations or poor hygiene. If you have been experiencing boils for over a year then you should visit your dermatologist to see if there is an underlying disorder.

There is only one major alternative way for treating a boil. That is to apply a hot compress to the area for 30 minutes every few hours. It should burst and drain on its own. After it does burst, you should keep the area clean with an antiseptic soap and try to avoid contaminating other areas of the skin with the drained matter. You should never try to squeeze or lance the boil yourself because you could spread the infection and make it worse. If this does not work then you can have your doctor surgically drain them and prescribe antibiotics.

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