Are bras safe?

My friends and I got into an argument over whether or not it is safe to wear bras to bed at night. They say it isn't, but I'm sure I've read somewhere that it is perfectly fine. Who is right?

Recently, there has been some talk over whether a woman's bra can affect her health. Of course, the first way I would imagine a bra could do some damage is if one of those underwires manages to work its way free from the fabric and create a stabbing hazard. Unfortunately, the talk has focused on speculation that bras can increase a woman's chances of developing breast cancer.

Two men say that they interviewed 5,000 women in five U.S. cities about their health and bra histories. They claim that there is a correlation between the length of time a bra is worn every day and the risks of developing cancer.

This was not a study published in a scientific or medical journal. It is simply two Joes writing a book. True medical research submits all its data, its methods, and its statistical analysis to a group of experts for scrutiny. These guys did none of this.

We don't for certain if they really interviewed women. Or if they did if their measurements were accurate and their statistics valid. Even if true, a correlation between two things does not mean one must cause the other. Their explanation that bras compress the lymphatics which drain toxins from the breast is completely unfounded. Lastly, several studies have to concur on the same conclusion for it to be accepted and acted on by physician for their patients. I would put this "study" in the same category as "if you masturbate, you'll go blind" and "if you make a face, it will freeze that way".

On the other hand, it isn't really beneficial to sleep in a bra, either. It is likely not as comfortable as sleeping without, and it won't do anything positive in terms of a woman's figure.

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