Breast Cancer Support Groups

A friend of mine had a lump in her breast removed, and now she's fine. But she's a little nervous as a result of the operation and would like to know if there are any support groups on the Internet for women who had breast surgery.

Fortunately there are a number of resources available to women who have survived breast cancer. These resources range from support groups to hotlines and are available to breast cancer survivors as well as their friends and families. There are several important reasons for women who have survived breast cancer to utilize these resources. Because breast cancer can recur it can be important for survivors to have a forum in which to express their fears, experiences, and concerns. These support groups can provide essential information about the healing process and provide support in the case that a woman's cancer may recur. Because of this chance of recurrence it is equally as essential that women who have survived breast cancer maintain regular follow-up visits with their doctor.

Resources for survivors:

  • Y-Me, a national network for information on breast cancer has chapters in every region of the country and also offers a national support hotline for women to speak with a breast cancer survivor at (800) 221-2141. Their website provides an extensive list of links to other sites that address issues surrounding breast cancer. (The Y-Me chapter of Pennsylvania specifically can be reached at (412) 835-5093.
  • The Cancer Club is a national resource that uses humor to touch the lives of women who have survived breast cancer. It is run by survivor Christine Clifford. She has a regular newsletter, a book, and a number of aids for recovery.
  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer is an organization that provides information and support specifically for survivors of breast cancer. Their office is located in Narberth, PA and can be reached at (610) 668-1320.
  • The Organization for People Who Have Survived Cancer provides offline support. They are located at 1010 Wayne Avenue, 5th Floor Silver Springs, MD 20910. They can be reached at (301) 650-8868.
  • Survivors can also contact the American Cancer Society about programs and information by calling 1-800-ACS-2345.
  • Users of e-mail can also subscribe to a breast cancer electronic mailing list. Breast cancer patients, their family and friends, and health professionals discuss issues of concern through email messages. To subscribe send e-mail to the listserv and write SUBSCRIBE BREAST-CANCER in the text of the message.
  • The National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations maintains a list of breast cancer support groups on their website, The following are in Pennsylvania specifically: Fox Chase Cancer Center (215) 728-2668, Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation (215) 545-0800, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (215) 955-8370.
  • The YWCA also provides support and information on exercise for women with breast cancer at many of their facilities. Call (800) 95-EPLUS and ask about the nearest location of the Encore Plus Program.

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