Blackheads: Can they be cured?

I get blackheads in my ears. I've tried to get rid of them but it seems that nothing works. Can you tell me how to make them go away?

Blackheads are one of the ways in which acne presents itself, along with whiteheads, and larger, painful cysts. Blackheads occur when dead skin cells block the pore through which a hair emerges from the skin, and the oil that would normally travel to the surface of the skin gets stuck and solidifies. Acne is essentially due to the over-activity of the oil producing glands. It is primarily a genetic condition, but there is a large range of treatments available to those who suffer from acne.

Blackheads are not caused by dirt on the surface of the skin, and oil on the surface of the skin usually does no harm. But it is important for a person to wash their face regularly with any basic soap. There is no need to buy special soaps, and harsh abrasives should be avoided. Scrubbing can aggravate acne by forcing oils back into the skin tissue. Picking or squeezing blackheads is also not advised. A blackhead can be squeezed back into the pore, leading only to an infection of the pore, showing itself as a "zit". A person should never pick a pimple unless there is a head on the pimple or they can see pus, and they have washed their hands thoroughly. Any pus should be gently pushed out rather than forced out. The pimple can be punctured with a sterilized needle if it needs to be, rather than just pressed on. Squeezing a pimple until it bleeds can result in scars. It is also advised that a person keep their hair clean, and away from any area where they are experiencing problems. In other words, don't cover up acne by wearing bangs.

Mild acne can also be controlled with a topical antibiotic or Benzoyl Peroxide, which is a peeling agent that acts to unblock the blackhead. There are many treatments available to people who suffer from more severe acne, ranging from oral antibiotics to hormone treatment.

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