Coming to Your Doctor with Health Information

With all the information available on the Internet, many people are now turning to health websites to get health information. You may hear about things on the Internet that your doctor has not told you about. How do you bring this information to your doctor in a way that will make him that you will be taken seriously?

The Problem
The field of medicine is undergoing rapid change. Your doctor may not be able to keep up with all the changes occurring, and he may not be aware of some of the information that you may bring in. You need a way to present this information to your doctor without insulting him. Some doctors, in order to cover up their ignorance, may say that they have heard of what you're talking about, but it isn't a good treatment. Others will just dismiss whatever you say, even if it is correct.

The Solution
If you are getting your information from the Internet, bring a printout with you to your doctor's visit. Tell your doctor that you have heard of a new treatment option, and you are interested in pursuing it. Give him the printout and allow him time to read it.

Remember that physicians specializing in allopathic medicine will know little to nothing about herbal remedies and alternative medicine. This does not mean they are uninformed; it just means it is out of their field. Another thing to keep in mind is that anything you read on a newsgroup is hearsay, and may not be true. The best place to get your information from is a reliable health website or PubMed, a searchable index of scientific journals. Your doctor may need to see things in medical lingo, so an accredited scientific journal is a good place to look.

The most important thing to remember is that you should be respectful when bringing information to your doctor, but dont be bashful. While your doctor may not have heard of what you're asking about, if you are not confrontational, your doctor may be more willing to do some research and to find out if your information can be applied to your situation.

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