Finding Your Erogenous Zones

What are they? Where can they be found?
Erogenous zones are areas where a woman may be touched that are quite pleasurable to her. While personal tastes vary, the "given" areas are those with crowded populations of nerve endings, where the skin is most sensitive to touch. The number one spot is the clitoris, as it is an essential part of female orgasm and sexual pleasure. Other areas that are known to produce pleasure are the rest of the area between a woman's legs as well as the anal area - collectively referred to as the perineum. The nipples are also highly sensitive. They will become erect with sexual excitement. Stimulation, particularly sucking, will release a chemical called oxytocin. This is believed to be associated with feelings of attachment or bonding. The mouth and lips are also packed with nerve endings. Of course, every woman has her own personal favorites. These range from the oft-noted neck and earlobes to more unique locations such as the middle lower back or feet.

What about the G-spot?
The G-spot is an area of tissue on the anterior wall of the vagina (anterior is the side of you closest to the stomach) and is rumored to be an erogenous zone. The G-spot is thought to be either the back of the clitoris, or the tissue that would have been the prostate, if the woman had been a man (embryos start out with the potential to be either male or female). Regardless of the anatomical origins of the G-spot, there is little evidence to support its role in orgasm.

Explore a Little
Since every woman varies considerably in what she finds a tactile turn-on, why not do a little exploring with your partner? Each of you could take turns exploring the other's body, touching different parts with varying amounts of pressure to find what gives the most pleasure.

Let's not forget that it has always been said that a woman's largest erogenous zone is her brain. Being physically attracted to your partner and having a good relationship are two of the biggest turn-ons.

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