Is It A Foot Fetish?

My husband always seems to want to kiss and touch my feet as part of our lovemaking. He's always telling me how beautiful my feet are, and wants me to get pedicures every two weeks. Does he have a foot fetish?

Usually, fetishism manifests itself as intense fantasies, urges, and behaviors. According to official psychiatric guidelines, there are three criteria for a fetish. A fetish must create some sort of disruption in the individual's life. The person's spouse might leave them. They might lose their job for displaying bizarre behavior at work or distraction due to the fetish. They might even get arrested if they attempt to involve unwilling parties in their fantasies. This type of behavior must have lasted for at least six months. Most importantly, it must involve an inanimate object, which your feet are not.

So, unless your husband is crawling on the floor at work, worshipfully following his coworkers' footsies, he most likely just really appreciates one of your physical attributes.

In any case, so long as you don't find his behavior disturbing, it is nothing to worry about. Instead, you've got your hands on something that most other women can only dream of. As any one of them would tell you, take advantage of the pedicures -- and remind your man of how much you love those massages, too. If that's not convincing, do it for the health benefits. Properly maintained feet tend not to develop ingrown nails; be sure that nails are cut straight across after they have been softened up with a soak.

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