I would like to know what is considered to be the G-spot on women? This is something I have just recently heard of.

The G-spot is an area on the anterior side of the vagina, (the front wall), that some women say is particularly sensitive to stimulation. Others say it is tissue that has little or no significance to female sexuality. It is thought by some to be the female equivalent of prostatic tissue, which remains undeveloped in women. Others believe that the pleasure experienced is actually due to the clitoris, the back of which is stimulated indirectly through the vaginal wall. This spot is said to swell in response to stimulation, and to provoke an especially intense orgasm. It has been described as a raised area, about the size of a quarter, approximately two inches up the wall of the vagina from the opening.

But there has been a lot of debate around the very existence of the G-spot, and the quality of orgasm it's stimulation supposedly produces. Some women report that they are not able to orgasm without this area of the vagina being stimulated. Others report needing to have clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously, and still others want only clitoral stimulation. Some say it is an essential part of sexual arousal, for others, the G-spot doesn't even exist. Unlike the clitoris, there are no carefully controlled scientific studies to confirm orgasm due to the stimulation of this area alone, so the reports are anecdotal (and yes, medical scientist have been known to do carefully controlled studies on things like this). Women differ widely as to what we prefer when having sex, and as to what brings us to orgasm. These differences are both physical and psychological.

If a woman reaches orgasm through stimulation of her G-spot, all power to her. But searching for this elusive spot has, for some women, become only a source of frustration. Clitoral stimulation is still, by far, the main source of orgasm for the vast majority of women. Often adequate clitoral stimulation is not achieved through penile thrusting, especially in the missionary position, a sexual activity that is a sure-fire winner for achieving male orgasm. There are better alternatives than to trying to find sexual satisfaction with activities that are not well suited for most women by searching for female sexual organs that have very little evidence of existing to go along with them. Manual or oral stimulation and orgasm before penetration, woman on top position, and Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) are activities through which both men and women frequently achieve orgasm.

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