Low Blood Pressure

I've been having dizzy spells almost everyday for the past month. My neurologist says that it is a combination of low blood pressure and stress. What sort of exercise or diet should I be taking in order to increase my blood pressure?

Any kind of aerobic exercise will help the cardiovascular system. These are things like jogging, biking, and swimming.

Salt is the key in the diet. While some people strive to cut down, you need to add. The salt will cause your body to hold more fluid. More fluid in your circulatory system translates into higher blood pressure. Your doctor can prescribe tablets, if you can't get enough through your diet.

Another thing to prevent the dizziness associated with low blood pressure is to get up slowly. Whenever you go from a lower position to a higher one, do it in steps. For example, when getting out of bed, sit up in bed, then swing your legs over the edge and sit at the edge, then slowly rise to standing. Your blood pressure naturally lowers when you are lying down and relaxing. If you get up suddenly, your body may not be able to increase your blood pressure quickly enough to meet the higher demands of standing.

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