Chest Hair: How do I get rid of it?

I have hairs growing around my nipples. I thought that they would go away with time, but they haven't. Many of the hairs are dark and coarse. I looked for depilatories to use, but they all warn "do not use on breasts." I've been shaving them, but I do not like the results I get with shaving as the hairs are still visible under the skin after I've shaved and they grow back within a few hours of shaving them. Is there a permanent or more effective way to get rid of these hairs? I'm looking for a painless method, but if there isn't one, I'd still like to know the other options.

Have you tried plucking them? This is a cheap and relatively painless way. However, electrolysis is the only permanent way. It is mildly painful and doesn't take long, if it is just a few hairs.

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