Constipation or cysts?

I have been hurting in my sides for the past week with some nausea. Sometimes it is on the right side and sometimes it is on the left. I had a hysterectomy in 1982, but I still have my ovaries. I have had an appendectomy. Could this be constipation (I have had some bowel movements), or could I possibly have cysts on my ovaries?

Yes, it could be cysts or constipation. Also, since you've had a couple of abdominal surgeries, you could have adhesions. These are small bands of scar tissue which form on the internal organs which can sometimes constrict them.

Minor gastrointestinal problems, like constipation or gaseous bloating, are often much more painful than people think they ought to be. They often go to the emergency room because they think something so painful must mean something is terribly wrong. These problems are very common and not too serious. They occur on both sides and can cause nausea.

Cysts usually, except in a few cases, occur on one side. They are difficult to feel, in a woman of normal weight or above, on the manual pelvic exam. So, the fact that none were detected in December doesn't mean they weren't there.

In any case, see your doctor about these symptoms to see what the cause of yours is. Try to notice when they occur, if anything makes them better or worse. Note what your bowel/eating habits have been lately. For this, you actually need to take a look at your stools and note the color and form. If you are still ovulating and have a sense of where you are in your cycle, any relationship you note with that would be helpful information for your physician.

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