Postpartum Weight Loss

Exercise is the Key
The best way to lose weight after pregnancy is by exercising. Many new mothers are told that they need to take care of the baby first and then they can take care of themselves later. However, this is probably not such a great idea. As any new mother knows, taking care of the baby will take an enormous amount of time and energy and you may feel that there is not enough time left over for exercise.

The Benefits of Exercise
A recent study has shown that women who begin to exercise right after delivery tend to lose more weight in the first six weeks than mothers who do not exercise then. Only about 35% of women exercise after giving birth. It is well known that physical well-being impacts a great deal on psychological well-being. Post-partum women are known to be especially vulnerable to depression. Exercise will not only help women lose the weight they gained during their pregnancy, it will also help them to avoid or minimize post-partum depression. Some women are concerned that exercise may somehow impact their ability to breast-feed. This study did not find any evidence to support this.

Finding the Time
Having trouble finding the time to exercise? Set aside a certain time every other day when someone else watches the baby. Use this time to exercise, without worrying about needing to change the baby's diaper or do the laundry. You may feel that you just want to take a nap during this time. However, keep in mind that exercising regularly will actually give you more energy than you would have if you did not exercise.

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