Pregnancy Without Intercourse

For conception to occur, healthy sperm must be placed inside a woman's vagina, near the cervix around the time of ovulation. Withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation of semen decreases the probability that sperm will enter into the vagina and travel up to the uterus, consequently causing fertilization of the egg.

The only way to get pregnant is if the sperm fertilizes the egg via the vagina, uterus, and finally the Fallopian tube. Therefore, any other form of sex without penetration is unlikely to cause conception. However, any sperm that may be in the general area of the vulva (exterior lips of the genitalia) may work its way into the interior during the course of sexual activity.

Preceding ejaculation, the penis emits a small amount of fluid that is used as a form of lubrication during intercourse. Sperm may indeed be present in this fluid, so there is a definite possibility for pregnancy even though ejaculation did not take place. This is the drawback of withdrawing right before ejaculation (coitus interruptus).

As always, use a condom to lessen the chance of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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