PMS Can Get Worse with Age

It is not unusual for PMS symptoms to get worse as a woman grows older. A woman's eggs have been in her body since birth and therefore the eggs are whatever age she is. Because each egg requires hormonal stimulation each month to mature for ovulation, as a woman gets older the eggs that responded easily to hormonal stimulation have already been released. The ones that require more hormones are those which are released later in life. The body is very persistent, it continues to send out more hormones until an egg releases and responds with its own hormones, telling the body the job is done. Overall, she ends up with more hormones and thus more premenstrual symptoms (which are due to the increased hormone levels).

As far as what to do... a PMS specialist is able to provide many women with a thorough knowledge of all the details of a woman's symptoms and the philosophy of treatment. It requires a lot of trial and error in order to find the right treatment for PMS. The treatments can range from natural/lifestyle changes to alternative medical treatments, and one must choose if they want to treat individual symptoms with conventional medicine, or deal with the whole problem with hormonal therapy.

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