Sex Aversion Due to Sexual Abuse

I was molested by my father as a child, and it wasn't until I was well into adulthood before I struggled with it. However, I am really uncomfortable with sex to the point where I will try very hard to avoid it. Could the two be related?

It is very likely that the sexual abuse of the past is related to the sexual aversion of the present - for quite some time, it has been established that the fallout of childhood abuse can be far-reaching, affecting some women well into adulthood. Most victims report feelings of helplessness, and have higher incidence rates of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a condition called "sexual aversion disorder," which explains some victims' difficulty in their sexual relationships in adulthood.

Sexual aversion disorder, while it can be found among the general population, is especially associated with victims of abuse. This disorder is characterized by unusually strong, negative feelings toward sexual contact, including fear, anxiety, or disgust. People who suffer from the condition avoid sex as much as possible, and if they do decide to become physical with their partners, they don't enjoy it.

Fortunately, sexual aversion disorder can be treated through therapy with an understanding counselor. Obviously, because the condition is linked to sexual abuse, the abuse issues should be dealt with at the same time. As a bonus, getting these issues clear up can improve a woman's overall quality of life, since the many psychological disorders that are linked to abuse will be healed as she addresses her past.

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