Sex During Your Period

My husband says that we can have unprotected sex during my period and I can not become pregnant. It is true?

A woman is least likely to get pregnant during her period. During menstruation a woman's body is flushing out both the unfertilized egg and the lining her body prepared for the possibility of a fertilized egg, so it is quite difficult to get pregnant during this time. Yet it is not impossible. Sperm can reside inside of a woman's body for several days after sex, and a very slim chance exists that these several days will extend into the beginning of a woman's fertile period.

The greater risk involved with having unprotected sex during a woman's period is that she has mistaken spotting or other midcycle bleeding for her period. If this is the case, then a woman may be having unprotected sex at a time when she is very much fertile. It is also essential to remember that menstruation does not protect either partner from contracting HIV or a STD! Both menstrual blood and vaginal secretions can transmit STDs and HIV, exposing the partner of any HIV+ woman to greater risk. Also, many women with Herpes experience flare-ups during menstruation, making themselves more vulnerable to HIV or other STD infection through open sores and their partner more vulnerable to Herpes. There is also some debate over whether sex during menstruation exposes a woman to higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease. It is always best to practice safe sex!

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