Circles Around the Eyes

How can a person get rid of dark circles under the eyes? I hear that the circles are due to a lack of a specific vitamin in the body. Is this true? If so, what is the vitamin?
While some women get dark circles under their eyes through a lack of sleep, more often the condition is from thin skin, not a hectic schedule.

Take a look at the skin inside your wrist. See all the blood vessels just below the skin? They're visible because they're darker and they sit close to the surface. Well, the same is true for under the eyes. Blood vessels are dense in this region and may cause the skin to appear darker in this region than in surrounding tissue.

While everyone has these blood vessels, not everyone has prominently dark circles. The more fair a woman's complexion is, the more likely she is to have the rings, since her light skin tone will stand in sharper contrast to the blood vessels. Similarly, if her skin is thinner, it is easier for the vessels to be visible - the more thin-skinned she is, the darker the rings.

Although there's no particular vitamin that can clear up the circles, they should not cause one to be worried about one's health. Instead, the rings may be covered up with cosmetics. Some products are even formulated to be extra gentle for use in the eye region. It is probably to look for a shade slightly lighter than one's complexion and with a bit of a yellow tone, since these characteristics will help to cancel out the darker color in the circles. Of course, one of my friends claims there's no reason to complain about the circles - she says they set off a woman's fair complexion rather nicely.

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