When Feeling Unattractive is a Psychological Problem

Feel unattractive?
For many women feeling unattractive is not necessarily an accurate reflection of reality. There are those women who find themselves more attractive than they are objectively perceived by others-just watch any trashy talk show to find numerous examples of this type. On the other hand, some very beautiful women don't see themselves that way at all. Women certainly have more pressures and are judged based on their appearance more than men are.

Still, people tend to feel that they are attractive most of the time. This is true no matter how we compare to the current standards of beauty in society. This is in spite of moments when we dwell on characteristics we don't like about ourselves, or occasionally feel less than stunning. An occasional "bad hair day" feeling is not an issue. However, feeling that you are attractive, sexy, and desirable is part of a normal non-depressed person's life. Feeling like you are "all that" is not reserved for an elite few.

When to Get Help
Persistently feeling unattractive is both a predictor and a symptom of depression, and that underlying problem needs to be addressed. Also, there is a psychiatric disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It revolves around dissatisfaction with one's looks. It may require professional help, whether that help comes in the form of therapy or medication. If a woman feels her problem is important enough that she is considering therapy, she may want to begin looking for a counselor that is right for her. As a rule of thumb for psychological troubles, if you're thinking about getting professional help, you should. Once depression on other problems is diagnosed and treated properly, many of its symptoms clear up on their own, and that includes feeling that one is ugly.

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