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A Growing Girl: How Tall Will I Be?
Many girls are wondering how tall they will be. Height is determined by many factors. But, a girl's heredity and where she is in development can give important clues. Enter your numbers in our interactive Height Predictor. (For girls ages 6-16).

Puberty and Tanner Stages
Mom always looks at you and says "it's just a stage." As strange as it may sound, she's right! The changes that adolescent girls' bodies go through are divided into five stages. Find out where you are in all this, so you know what to expect next.

Your First Gynecological Exam
Nervous about your first gynecological exam? Read our article to find out what you can do to prepare for this exam and what will happen once you get there. We’ll tell you what it will feel like, who’s going to be there, what you’ll be wearing, and how exactly to get into and out of those pesky stirrups.

Why Girls with Attention Deficit Disorder Go Undiagnosed
Are you a girl who is daydreamy? A procrastinator? One who is shy and sensitive? And whose room looks like a cyclone hit it? Are you a teen who used to be like that? But now, you are having trouble with school, very social, and into very risky behavior (drugs, sex, eating disorder and alcohol), and getting depressed? You may have undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD is much different in girls and more than twice as likely to be overlooked. Find out how ADD is different in females.

Nutition For Female Athletes
Women's nutritional requirements are unique. Women and girls who are athletes have even more bases to cover. Performance plateaus can be due to unmet nutritional needs. Unfortunately, those women who should be eating the best are often not. Read about the extra nutritional requirements you have and how to meet them for top performance.

Breast Cancer Risk
Check out the new interactive program that will estimate your inherited risk of breast cancer.

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