Imagine being part of a new and rapidly growing website...

Imagine that this website attracts over 1 million users each month...

Imagine being able to reach a large, active, and primarily female population...

If you can imagine all that, then you have come to the right place.

A Forum for Women's Health has about 1 million hits per month, and this number is constantly growing. Our website attracts educated women of all ages and backgrounds. Constant updates and innovative information make A Forum for Women's Health the ideal venue for access to accurate and up-to-date health information. In this way, A Forum for Women's Health attracts a large and varied population of concerned women.

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The Rules
We do have some rules. We will not post any outside content on our site (i.e., no advertorials). Just about any area on the site is sponsorable, but sponsorships may not always be available due to high demand. Advertising can take the form of banners or buttons. If you have any ideas for advertising, please feel free to run them by us. We are always interested in entertaining new ideas.

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