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Hangovers: Prevention, Intervention and Cures
This holiday, like most, has lots of parties with lots of food and drink. Women don't drink or eat like the guys. So, find out exactly how to eat, drink and treat to minimize the pain.

Getting on Birth Control Pills Without Getting Off Your Budget

Female Ejaculations
Are there female ejaculations? Female ejaculation is a release of fluid from the external genitalia associated with sexual activity. Some say this fluid must be released under pressure, while others say it must be associated with the woman's orgasm. Whatever the definition used, female ejaculations are hard to find.

Medical Help with New Year's Resolutions
Breaking bad lifestyle habits often fail time and time again. Many women turn to their doctors for the magic pill they hope will get them past their vice once and for all. Here's a run-down on the most common prescriptions to aid the success of your Millenial Resolutions.

Breast Implants: The Surgery
Have you been thinking about getting breast implants?
This article gives you the scope on the procedure and any symptons you should be aware of.

Breast Cancer Risk
Check out the new interactive program that will estimate your inherited risk of breast cancer.

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Ask Karen
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Dr. Karen Sarpolis

Tips and Facts
Alcohol contributes to high blood pressure. Some women can avoid daily high blood pressure medications but quit on alcohol.