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Oral Contraceptives for Perimenopausal Women
Many women experience irregular periods, intensified PMS, and irritability before they meet the clinical requirements for starting hormone replacement therapy. For these women, the newest treatment is birth control pills. These pills can alleviate annoying symptoms while offering protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Licking Vaginal Dryness Without A Prescription
Whether genital sex is uncomfortable or you have an itching, burning sensation, vaginal dryness affects women. From "do it yourself" to "over the counter" to herbals. There's many ways to solve the problem of vaginal dryness without hormones or a trip to the doctor. Learn about all the ways and their pros and cons to find the right one for you.

Black Cohosh: An Effective Natural Remedy for Menopausal Symtpoms
Many women look for relief from menopausal symptoms without turning to hormone replacement. At last, here is a natural remedy with valid scientific evidence to back its effectiveness. Black cohosh has been shown to work as well as estrogen. It relieves general, menopausal specific and psychological symptoms.

Midlife Weight Gain
It's true the average woman gains weight at midlife. Still, the Great Menopausal Metabolic Slowdown is largely a myth. "Fat" and "Fifty" don't have to go together.

Hangovers: Prevention, Intervention and Cures
This holiday, like most, has lots of parties with lots of food and drink. Women don't drink or eat like the guys. So, find out exactly how to eat, drink and treat to minimize the pain.

Breast Cancer Risk
Check out the new interactive program that will estimate your inherited risk of breast cancer.

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Tips and Facts
A daily vaginal moisturizer can help vaginal dryness, in addition to lubricants.