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Hangovers: Prevention, Intervention and Cures
This holiday, like most, has lots of parties with lots of food and drink. Women don't drink or eat like the guys. So, find out exactly how to eat, drink and treat to minimize the pain.

Depressed? Get Some Folate, Not SAMe
Folate, not SAMe is the supplement that has the best evidence for use in depression.

Not Always P.M.S. -- Other Types of Cyclic Changes
Almost all women (95%) experience some physical or mood changes with their menstrual cycles. But, only one-third of those are actual P.M.S.. Learn about the different categories of menstrually related changes and what to do about each.

Women and Substance Abuse
When women abuse drugs or alcohol it is very different than in men. Substance abuse has one of the biggest gender gaps of all medical problems. Learn about the different reasons, patterns, and treatments for women to help yourself or a friend or family member.

Women and Grief
Death touches us all at times. But women are three to four times to seek professional help after a loss of another. Learn more about women's normal mourning and grief reactions and when she should seek help.

Breast Cancer Risk
Check out the new interactive program that will estimate your inherited risk of breast cancer.

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Ask Karen
Sarpolis, M.D.

Dr. Karen Sarpolis

Tips and Facts
"Interventions" to confront a substance abuser often backfires when used on women.