Licking Vaginal Dryness Without A Prescription

Vaginal dryness is a symptom that women find most annoying. It is most associated with menopause, but it also occurs due to childbirth, stress, or birth control pills. It may be a problem during sex only, or it may cause an itching or burning sensation all the time. There are many ways to deal with the problem. Which one an each woman chooses depends on: how quickly she needs lubrication, what her sexual desires are, whether or not she wants to make a trip to the drugstore, convenience, and what other menopausal or gynecological problems she has.

Do It Yourself (or Have Him Do It)

More Water, More Sex
A woman can't make her own secretions without adequate fluid intake. Frequent sexual stimulation alone or with a partner keeps the flow going.

Clitoral Stimulation
A midlife or older woman's times ability to lubricate is not gone, it simply takes longer and requires more stimulation. Manual works fine. The woman or her partner can do it. Oral works better and faster. It can take 45 minutes to an hour. It is not a quick solution, but if a woman needs longer to become lubricated, she needs about the same amount of time to become aroused and her clitoris erect for orgasm. To shorten the time needed by using one of the replacements might be synonymous with having sex for a partner's pleasure primarily.

Yours or his is fine. Apply it by licking a finger and then rubbing the finger on the vulva and then inserting it inside the vagina. CAUTION: Many mid-life and mature women also have problems with repeated Urinary Tract Infection due to changes in the entire urinary and genital areas with menopause. Some Reproductive age women are prone to urinary tract infections also. Saliva can introduce bacteria into the urinary tract and increase this problem.

Cunnilingus is oral sex on a female. It's essentially clitoral stimulation and saliva together. The best "bang for the buck" as far as speediness and effectiveness. The pros and cons are the same as above. A woman is likely to have one orgasm during cunnilingus, and another during genital intercourse.

Re-define Sex
The Baby Boom generation and older tends to think of sex and penile-vaginal intercourse. But, sex can be anything designed to bring a woman to orgasm. Oral or manual stimulation need not be thought of as the means to lubricate for genital intercourse. They can be a means to orgasm by themselves. A woman's same age partner may be having trouble with his erection and also appreciated broadening the definition of sex.

The Lubricants and Moisturizers
Unlike skin moisturizers and lubricants, they contain no oils. This is important as vaseline and other oil-based lubricates can disrupt the normal vaginal enviroment. Oil-based will degrade condoms. All will kill sperm and decrease chances for conception. The choice will be based on price, convenience and packaging, and composition of the product.

Here's a website lamenting the fact that K-Y doesn't come with instructions and giving suggestions.

Here's some serious instructions for those who choose whichever in a big tube. Put a big glob, about the size of a nickel on the tip of the index finger. Reapply whenever needed. Start by spreading both the inner and outer lips of the vulva with the finger, lubricating as you go. If there is any tissue sticking together, gently rub the finger with the lube in the center of the two lips while pulling back on the outermost lip at the same time. Make certain sure the area between inner and outer lips and between the inner lips is lubed. Then, starting at the vaginal opening make a circular upward spiraling inside the vagina. Also, instead of or addition to the vaginal application, grease the penis up.

KY Jelly
The old stand-by, K-Y. It is water-based. It is the cheapest and most easily found. It typically comes in large tubes and must be applied manually. There are single use tubes and foil packets, but these are difficult for the public to buy and are mostly used in clinics. Asking the doctor for a few is about the only way to get the "travel size". It is not the same pH as the vagina. If a woman is prone to trouble with yeast or bacterial vaginosis, she may want to stick to the lubricante made specifically for vaginal use.

It was invented by NASA or something like that hence the name. But it is water-based. It comes in tubes or pre-packaged single use amounts in an applicator. The woman inserts the applicator like a tampon and pushes the plunger. This makes it much easier to get the distant part of the vagina. However, the woman will need to save some of the applicator's contents or get a tube to lubricate the vulva. The package is called Silken Secrete. It is about the same pH as the vagina.

This product causes the vagina to absorb water. It is called a polycarbophil. It is meant to be used on a daily basis, not just at intercourse. Studies have shown it to be as effective as vaginal estrogen creams.

Herbs, Vitamins, and Other

The homeopathic agents with claims of relieving vaginal dryness are: belladonna, bryonia, and lycopodium. Herbs are dong quai or motherwort for about a week. There is no scientific research supporting or refute these claims. Ginseng has some limited scientific support for effectiveness in vaginal dryness.

Vitamin E
Some women open a capsule and squirt the oil in the vagina. The regimen is daily for the first week or so, then once or twice a week. As it is an oil, break-down of condoms, overgrowth of bacteria, or other disruption of the normal flora are issues. While adequate oral vitamin E intake has long been associated with healthy skin, there is nothing to suggest that using E vaginally is any more effective than any plain oil.

Soy flour (6 tablespoons) and flaxseed (2 tablespoons) have been shown to improve vagina moisture. This is thought to be from the natural estrogen-like actions of soy and flaxseed. If a woman needs or wants to avoid estrogens, then this is not a good option. It takes about six weeks to kick in.

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